Brittany - Summer 2019

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Brittany - Summer 2019

Post by ND » Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:50 pm

Hi Folks,

I have been contacted by Philippe a guy from ex-kayakdemer .eu (no longer exists) that organised the Brittany Kayak Festival (BKF) where some of us went in 2013, 2017 and the anniversary in Crozon in 2015. He (and I don't know who else) is organising a meet at the Ile de Batz from the 31/07 to the 07/08/2019.

Ile de Batz is a big small island, say about the size of Sherking, a lot flatter with a lot more inhabitants (about 500). It is near Roscoff (where every other ferry from Irish ferries starting from Rosslare and all the ferry crossings with Brittany ferries Cork sail to - all from Cork).

A small ferry (no cars) goes the island from Roscoff on the hour and half hour from 8:00 to 20:00 taking about 15 minutes - so there is the option of crossing back to the car and come back with a wheelbarrow for that luxury camping stuff if the fridge doesn't fit in your kayak...

Parking facilities (garage?) for the event will be provided on land as part of the price.

The number of people is limited to 42 made of 6 French and 6 for each bordering countries (Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany but Belgium and Swiss to share: 3 each) - don't ask me why that split/restrictions.

The cost: €150pp incl campsite, "garage", personalised T shirt, laminated marine map/chart, last supper.

He asked me to give him names and email addresses so if interested, let me know or post here and I’ll pass that on to him.

So far, there are 1 interested, 1 would be and 1 maybe

Any queries, post here, email, text or call, I’ll do my best



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Re: Brittany - Summer 2019

Post by Chancer » Fri Oct 26, 2018 12:39 pm

Great spot for paddling with huge tides and great place to restock the wife's stores of vino. :D

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