Course Providers

If you are new to the sport, we would encourage you to attend introductory courses and training sessions with a professional instructor.  The following is a list of Course Providers from around the country.

ISKA is not linked to any provider and the following details are posted strictly for information purposes only.  You must verify and validate the experience and qualification(s) of the provider yourself.  ISKA accept no responsibility whatsoever for doing this on anyone’s behalf.

Course Providers

Galway/Mayo - (Ali Donald)

Wicklow/Dublin - (Des Keaney)

Dublin - (Sean Pierce)

Cork - (Jon Hynes)

North East - (Oisin Hallissey & Crew)

Waterford - (Ronan O’Connor)

Waterford -

Galway -

Sligo - (Martin Duffy)

Cork -



Touring Providers

Clare -

Mayo -

Galway -


If you are a provider and not listed above, feel free to drop us a line and we can include your details.