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Mary Butler
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Committee Meeting

Post by Mary Butler » Sat Jul 23, 2016 8:11 pm

The ISKA committee met in Athlone on Wednesday evening, 20th July. We had a long and productive discussion on key issues of concern within the association. A summary of our discussions and how the committee hope to move forward from here, with the assistance of members, will be posted as soon as possible.

Facilitator of the meeting

Mary Butler
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Re: Committee Meeting

Post by Mary Butler » Wed Jul 27, 2016 2:46 pm

ISKA Committee Meeting 20th July 2016

The committee discussed at length several aspects of the insurance issue.
The committee appreciate that this area of discussion is huge and will need time to put together information for the members so that all can make an informed decision. To this end, a working group composed of two members of the committee will now research the issue further. Once the information is collated and a pack of information is put together which will be made available to all members.

It was noted that, sometimes, a meets organiser(volunteer who arranges date, venue etc.) is assumed to be the meet leader (i.e. on the water leader) yet they may not be experienced to lead a meet. It was also noted that, in the future, there will be a shortfall of leaders and assistant leaders as numbers swell at meets. The committee discussed how to increase the pool of leaders and assistant leaders for ISKA meets and have decided to:
1. Identify a list of potential leaders from each region
2. Send out a form to establish what qualifications members have and who would like to become a meets leader
3. Look at getting training courses for potential meets leaders and to encourage participation through ISKA funding of such courses
4. Develop a training policy
5. Draw up a list of equipment required by meets leaders and to look at possible funding from ISKA for this equipment
It is also envisaged that ISKA will arrange other training courses including Navigation and REC (First Aid) over the winter months for all members.

Committee Elections

The 2016/17 committee will be elected using an online, anonymous voting system that has been tested by the committee. Prior to the vote, nominations will be sought for Chairperson, Meets Officer; Secretary/Treasurer; TnadT Editor; Webmaster and Northwest Rep. It was decided that the other officers would remain in office for a second year and, in the future, all officers would serve for a two year term thus allowing for better continuity. Further details will be communicated separately with regard to nominations and the voting system.
It is envisaged that a new Chairperson would be in place by the symposium in October.
Operating procedures for the elections will be completed by the present committee. It was decided that the symposium is not the best suited occasion for an Open Forum or AGM and this committee are suggesting to the next committee that another date and a central location be nominated for a full members meeting.

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