Committee Update Sat, 16 Jul 2016

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Committee Update Sat, 16 Jul 2016

Post by iskaadmin » Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:52 am

Hi All,

We hope you're all enjoying an excellent summer of paddling and that you have been able to make it along to one of the training events or meets held so far this year. If you haven't been able to get along hopefully you will make it to next month's meet in Connemara or the Northern meet in mid-September. If all else fails, there's always the symposium in October to look forward to!

As many of you will have already gathered from recent forum posts, our chairperson, Jon, has had to take a back seat due to injury and recently decided that he would have to step back from his role and make way for a replacement.

The rest of the committee (Colin, John, Lorna, Mary, Mick, Patricia, Ronan, Sue & Tony) agreed to give Jon as much time as possible to see if he could get back in the saddle. Recently, since this was not possible, the majority of the committee felt that we should appoint an acting chairperson until the symposium. Two among us were good enough to step forward and we took the opportunity to test an anonymous e-voting tool developed by John which resulted in Mary being appointed acting chair.

Among the reasons we felt that we needed an acting chairperson was because our extensive discussions and research around the issues of committee election processes and insurance required the services of a chair and a committee meeting looked like it would help bring everything together. This meeting is now scheduled for next week and as many of us that can will head for Athlone on Wednesday evening to discuss what should be a fairly full agenda that will include the issue of insurance, upcoming committee elections and other matters. If you have anything to contribute on the subject of insurance, please post on the forum or send your thoughts to this e-mail address ahead of our meeting next Wednesday.

A further issue that will be discussed and finalized at the committee meeting will be our plan and calendar for the upcoming committee elections. We plan on conducting the vote by anonymous e-survey and we hope that you will be keen to serve on the committee and have your say as to who among us will form the next committee. A full and detailed calendar and description of the voting process will be circulated by e-mail towards the end of the month.

Unfortunately, we will be one committee member less when we meet on the 20th of July owing to the resignation of Trish. We are very sorry that Trish has resigned and would like to thank her on our own behalf and on behalf of the members for her huge contribution to ISKA over the past couple of years as Meets Officer. Thank you very much Trish.

We will be in touch again shortly you to let you know the outcome of the committee meeting and to fill you in on the committee nominations and voting process.

Happy paddling!

ISKA Committee

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