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Post by martinguilfoyle » Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:17 am

Hi all, I have not gone away either Mr Walsh. I have been following the insurance debate and it is good to see opinions expressed. I also note a comment regarding ISKA not having a constitution. That is another dangerous topic.
I have held positions in ISKA over the years and when controversy about the direction ISKA was going arose I would ask myself a number of questions. What is the primary purpose of ISKA? Does the proposal enhance or add value to the aims of ISKA? Does it improve the safety of ISKA members? Does it improve the skill levels of ISKA members? Will it improve the ISKA experience? Do we really need what is being proposed?

Having considered again the proposal for insurance with those questions in mind and all answers being negative, I have come to the conclusion that it is not something I am in favour of, as I can see no benefit in it.

Iska is an association and not a club and it needs neither insurance or constitutions. We are captains of our own boats and take that resposibility. I have been part of a number of westies who have opened homes and work shops to fellow members to organise events for ISKA members namely paddle making and navigation. People without experience of power tools were given brief instruction and let loose. We never lost a finger. Yes we have had cuts bruises and tired and sore muscles but plenty of enjoyment for the members. The same goes for the CATITWE meal to raise funds for the lifeboats. If I had to get insurance for such events the restrictions placed on me would not allow me to run it.

It is the same with constitutions. More restrictions and conditions. To go down this road, would lead to ISKA being organised out of existence. That is a real possibility.

We just want to go paddling with associates and enjoy ourselves, push our boundaries and improve our skill levels.

ISKA is an evolving association and will be what it's members want so I ask people to consider what it is you want. I know it is old fashioned but think of what you are going to leave to those who are yet to come behind you. Leave a legacy you can be proud of.

I hope to see you all soon on the water.

Martin Guilfoyle

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