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Mary Kavanagh
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Post by Mary Kavanagh » Mon Jul 16, 2018 2:52 pm

I went along to the Ballinskelligs Beach Poetry Evening that a friend organises last week. It's a lovely evening with campfire and all and usually people read their own creations so as I could not get the Skelligs journey out of my mind I did with the WISKA possie of awesome paddlers I thought I'd write my account in poetic form and here it is....a big thank you for all the people,( especially Emma ) who made it such a special day.

Our paddling possie pushed of from The Glen Pier at day break,
Boats choregraphed into the tide and flung like a quiver of arrows at the scared rock suspended over the misty horizon.
Hearts were already there so our bodies had to go and find them.
The cadence of our blades sliced the sea in rhythm with each breath and heartbeat.

We were silent.
Our eyes filled with the abundance of the glassy swelly seaweed smelly sea.
The sound is the Atlantic breathing and caressing the hulls and blades.

Shearwater sheared,
Fulmar's smoky eyes sussed,
Gannets swinged,
Puffin flotillas floated.
The citizen's of the sea teamed the sky and mercury surface.
Those beneath unknown and secret safe.

Castle of gannets loud,pungent,stark and terrifying.
The Great Skellig holy, sacred and proud.

Landing was tricky,
The swell washed barnacle rocks scratched and scared our boats and bodies...
Laughing and crying with pure joy.

Too many people gawking at us
at the puffins
at the graves.
Paying respect to the holy men was hard when an American Jedi poses for photos.

We left quickly and fled in our boats,
Explored every cave, nook and cranny,
rockhopping and gathering dints and dings.

Floating to rest before the journey home
The water breaks beside us as a fin on an arc of black breaches...
...and hearts pound and breath stops.
He breaches again and again and again.
A game of ring a ring a possie.
Blows bubbles that hump the surface.
Down,down under gliding slow the white wings slide beneath us.

Time stops

The world has gone away

This moment is a diamond in my mind and memory

Then the Minke has gone on his way.

We turn to face the jagged Kerry coast slicing the silver water.
We return to the pier with full hearts and hungry bodies.

The sea is a fortress of light and life
A privilege it is to go to her heaven.
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Re: Skelligs

Post by Chancer » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:20 pm

The Skelligs trip by sea kayak deserves such beautiful poetic description.

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Re: Skelligs

Post by fionatrahe » Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:18 pm

Beautifully captured Mary!

You inspired me to try a Haiku :)

Rhythmic strokes towards Skelligs glide
Bob briefs, puffins delight.

And another to pass on Bob's message to future paddlers:

Be there 10 til 2
Tread gently, both feet on rock
Respect boats landing

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Re: Skelligs

Post by knotman » Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:10 pm

Chapeau. Well captured. Reading it I felt I was back paddling out to our Skelligs. Might I suggest a "seaweed scented sea". "Smelly sea" reminds me of sections on our lovely east coast, not to be confused with our majestic west coast. I confuse easily!! Sennen :lol:

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