New CI Sea Kayak Awards Consultation Phase is Live!

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New CI Sea Kayak Awards Consultation Phase is Live!

Post by suehonan » Wed May 18, 2022 12:37 pm

Hi all
Over a year and half ago, the Sea Kayak Award Review Group (SKARG) was set up by Canoeing Ireland Training and Development Unit. The SKARG group membership is representative of the sea kayaking community in Ireland. Several members of ISKA are part of this group as well as other experts and we have worked tirelessly to develop a more modern innovative, safe and exciting Sea Kayak training scheme.
We are excited to release the proposed new Level 1 to 5 sea kayak skills awards for consultation and we invite your feedback via the link below. Your feedback will help us tailor the awards even more to the needs of Irish Sea Kayakers.

Here is the link: ... rg-update/

The consultation phase will be open until June 10th. You may also email your views to

Please read the Introductory document before looking carefully at the individual awards. The consultation phase is purely for the skills awards. Other awards mentioned such as the Sea Kayak Club Leader award are currently under development and your feedback on these will be invited later in the year.

Sue Honan

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