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Oileáin Reprint

Post by DaveWalsh » Tue Jan 12, 2021 12:01 pm

Oileáin is about to undergo a substantial (second) reprint which means two things :

First it means that Oileáin a Dó will be outperforming Oileáin a hAon, which was never expected. Perhaps its some sort of offshoot of the Covid ?

Second, because its a large enough reprint, 1,000 copies, publisher is offering an opportunity to fix any awful clangers that came to light. What is on offer is very limited in that no new setting out is possible, but for instance "3 hours AFTER ....." that should have been "3 hours BEFORE ......" can be fixed. Something 2km north of somewhere can be 2km south and so on, maybe a phone number corrected.

On the other hand trying to explain what now for Rockall post Brexit, even if someone knew what they were talking about, wouldn't be on ...............

I recall three howlers, Wicklow Head, Baily Lighthouse, and Lough Foyle off Moville (tide times all). I think Leon Conway was the rapporteur on most or all of the above.

But anyone's favourite misprint can possibly be looked at and now is the time.

Oileáin will only ever be as good as people make it.


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