Regional Seascape Character Assessment - Online survey

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Regional Seascape Character Assessment - Online survey

Post by johnd » Mon Jul 13, 2020 4:07 pm

We have received the following from An Roinn Tithíochta, Pleanála agus Rialtais Áitiúil / the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. It may be of interest to you:
Dear MSP Stakeholder,

I am writing to you in relation to a project about the Seascapes around Ireland that may be of interest to you.

Seascapes are an important part of our sense of identity and culture. Our experience of the character of Seascapes includes coastal and marine history, folklore, art, nature and recreational and commercial activities that take place on and close to the sea. Seascapes can include views from land to sea, from sea to land and along the coastline. When we describe seascape character, we are essentially talking about a sense of place - what makes one part of our sea and coast distinctive and different from another?

To improve understanding of seascape in Ireland the Marine Institute has commissioned Minogue and Associates to carry out a project to help identify, classify and describe Ireland's seascape character. For further details, including a press release, please see the following link: ... -seascapes

Online survey - An important stage in the project is gathering information about how people value the coast and seas. To help achieve this a short online survey has been launched that aims to capture thoughts and comments about the seascapes that people are familiar with, asking a number of questions about these areas including facility to identify the location via an online mapping tool. This survey is completely anonymous and the information will be used only to identify draft Seascape Character Areas as part of the project. The project would be keen to hear from a broad range of users of our sea and coast and across all sectors. The link to the survey is as follows:

Group discussions - In addition to the survey you are invited to register your interest in participating in one of a number of short, small, group-based discussions about seascape character. If would like to participate in a group discussion or have any questions about the project please contact Ruth Minogue at the following email address:

The deadline for submissions to the on-line survey will be 23rd August 2020.

Further to the survey and group discussions, please note that the project team will also be running an online event as part of Heritage Week 2020 (15th to 23rd August, see for details).

Please feel free to share and circulate this information to others you think may be interested in responding to the survey and / or participating in in a group discussion.

Thank you very much in advance for your interest in this project,


Tom Woolley
Marine Planning Advisor

Marine Planning Policy and Development

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