Landing on Skelligs

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Landing on Skelligs

Post by brianmacmahon » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:31 am

How's everyone.

This Summer has been remarkable so far.
The settled weather has allowed us to get to spots that would normally require intense planning a weather window and luck.

Skellig rock being a prime example.

Bob the OPW guide on the island said that they've never seen so many Kayaker's land this season.

We did our very best to land yesterday before the ferries but they beat us by about 3 minutes.
Our group of 8 arrived at pier 0930hrs on the nose and already the ferries were off loading.

20 ferries are licensed to land once a day all in the morning. So our landing had to be a rock scramble which was fine.

Technically we are not permitted to land without a licence however the OPW are happy enough to overlook the rules where Kayaker's are concerned.

However they would greatly appreciate that Kayaker's who intend to land on Skellig
LAND FROM 1000hrs to 1400hrs

They have to manage the numbers heading up to monestary and the numbers on the steps.

17,000 people landed off ferries last season.
You'd have to question the sustainability of this.

Please corporate with the guides they are on our side and under the guidelines they don't have to be.

Your representing every other kayaker who is allowed to land in future.

Many thanks

Brian Mac
Meets Officer

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Re: Landing on Skelligs

Post by knotman » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:09 pm

Hi all.
Landed recently in a group of 6. 2 kayaks were already on the rocks and we saw 4 kayaks paddling away, possibly from another landing site. Both Bob [calls the shots] at the bottom and Claire at the top were very welcoming to us. Even had a friendly chat with one of the boat-men. They admire our efforts to get there and mentioned the fact that we had ZERO environmental impact, which ranks highly their books.
Every single kayaker landing represents every other sea-kayaker landing. It's up to us to look after our welcome on such an iconic world-status island. Landing demands are obviously going to increase, while "actual landings" are going to decrease by all accounts! Claire mentioned a "wished for 11,000 landings". Landings last year were 17,000.
It's gonna get tighter.
Let's look after our spot on our spot!

My final words to Bob [tired after another busy day]: Thanks for making us feel so welcome. Sennen

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Re: Landing on Skelligs

Post by brianmacmahon » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:05 am

Very true Sennan.

A kayak group from England and America landed on Skellig Monday ..... at 1500hrs.

They were allowed to stay on the pier for lunch but were not allowed up.

Bob is enforcing the rules ..... NO EXCEPTIONS

So if your going Enjoy ! It's a wonderful trip. Arrive early oh and bring gloves if it's a rock landing you'll be glad of them. The barnacles are lethal.

Mary Kavanagh
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Re: Landing on Skelligs

Post by Mary Kavanagh » Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:11 pm

I met the people with the paddlers from Monday when I went down for a swim..twas Nigel Denis from Anglesey..( romany/ explorer designer)
They were not allowed up cos wardens were off work shortly..they have to contend with 100's if people a day so a group arriving late in day is the last thing they need.
As Brian said..stick to time frame thats helps wardens.

Our day was magic. Minke stayed breaching by us for ages n swam under us. Possie of a great group of paddlers.

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