OSI Consultaion Process

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OSI Consultaion Process

Post by DaveWalsh » Wed Nov 17, 2021 10:54 am

Mountaineering Ireland have just published a newsletter in which there is the ability to give feedback to OSI on the recent revamping of all their map types including consolidation / integration of data at all scales, which sounds momentous.

A hobby horse (OK, yet another one) of mine and surely of major interest to anyone who uses the Discovery Series 1:50,000 is the failure to show seawater depths beyond the low water mark. The previous OSI offering at half inch scale showed contours for LW, 5 fathoms and 10 fathoms, useful data it was a pity to have discarded in the move from trigonometric to photogrammetry in the 1990s. What they couldn't see they didn't show, they said. I engaged in a debate with them on the subject many years ago in the letters page in the Irish Times and my recollection is it ended up that they publicly undertook to restore depth contours when reviewing the Discovery templates.

I haven't bought a map for years ........

Does anybody know if OSI are yet publishing depth contours @ 1:50K?

Has ISKA been given observer status in the way MI has been or know anything about all this ?

And I suppose I should ask - do Irish kayakers still use 1:50,000 OSI maps ?

Thanks. DW

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Re: OSI Consultaion Process

Post by mcnamado » Wed Nov 17, 2021 12:32 pm

Hi Dave,
Haven't seen it on last paper copy I bought or on their on line 50,000 mapping.
Yes I do use the 50k OSI maps for navigation.

And thanks for the recent copy of Oilean.

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