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TnadT 55 Now Online


TnadT 55 is now available online for all to read.  Thank you as always to Tadhg de Barra for his work and also to Sue Honan who is working with Tadhg on the magazine.

A hard copy is available to current paid up members, who will have received a separate email in relation to getting a copy.

Enjoy the read: 

As always, previous online versions can be viewed through the following link:

McMurdo Fastfind 220 PRB Special Offer

Final call – the order for these units will go through next Wednesday 20th November. It might make a nice Xmas gift, if anyone is looking for ideas.

Why would I need one?
If you are in difficulty and your radio is not communicating, possibly due to range or out of line of sight, you are otherwise reliant on flares. Flares only work if seen my a 3rd party. They are of little use in fog or if you are behind a cliff face or otherwise. If you have to send a distress call, you are already in trouble and without doubt having made the decision, you need help and urgently. PLB units only require the sky above your head and are guaranteed to immediately send a signal to rescue services.
Having registered your details, rescue services have direct access to information about you when a call is received, including contact information, exact location and that you are in a kayak etc.

See below for order details.



ISKA can organise a group purchase of the McMurdo FF 220 prb for €225, including postage to your home.  These units allow Irish Serial Protocol Registration as opposed to anything bought online for the UK, which are UK registered.

If you would like to order, email the following information ASAP to

  1. Your name
  2. Address
  3. Email
  4. Contact number

After we submit names to the supplier, each person will receive a unique code and will order the unit online themselves.  The code will activate the discounted €225 price.  You do NOT need to be an ISKA member for us to organise this and you can pass on the message to friends you think might be interested.


Training Reimbursements

ISKA will encourage and support members looking to improve their skills and abilities, in the form of reimbursements of costs incurred.

L3 – Successfully attaining your certificate:
€40.00 refund on production or receipts.

L4 – Training Weekend:
€50.00 refunded on production of receipts.

L4 – Successfully attaining your certificate:
€75.00 refunded on production of receipts.

L5 – Successfully attaining your certificate:
 €75.00 refunded on production of receipts.

To apply for your L3 reimbursement, you must have been a member of ISKA in the year of passing plus the previous year.
To apply for any L4 and L5 reimbursements, you must have been a member of ISKA in the year of training/certification plus the two previous years.

ALL subsidy payments are at the discretion of the Committee, dependent on finances and can be refused or removed at any point if deemed necessary.