BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader Assessment

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BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader Assessment

Post by leonconway » Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:24 pm

Hi all,

If you’re ready to go forward for the BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader assessment this year -

Ronny Riise is conducting one in Anglesey May 1st & 2nd. The cost is £135 and accommodation is with the Sea Cadets (£18 per day). This session also happens to be Ronny’s final task re becoming a fully qualified provider to BCU specs (his own assessors for the two days are Olly Saunders and Eila Wilkinson).

Ronny can be contacted directly on 004791687169, or drop him an e mail at ronny@god-tur.no.

www.seakayakingnorway.com/product-page/ ... ey-may-1-2

The option is also there to make a holiday of it as Nigel Dennis’s annual Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium starts a few days later, on May 5th .


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