Sea Kayaking Courses at Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre.

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Sea Kayaking Courses at Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre.

Post by Hynser » Fri Sep 01, 2017 5:31 pm

As some of you may know, I recently took up the position of Manager at Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre. A move that has brought me back full circle to where I first started out as a trainee many moons ago. With that heralded and change for me and H2O Sea Kayaking. Time challenges and prioritisation of my interests followed this change. And Sandra Bickerdyke has taken over from me with H2O and I wish her the best into the future. I started H2O Sea Kayaking in summer 2002, enjoyed 15 excellent years of training, trips and adventures having met so many wonderful people along the way. Thank you to any ISKA folk that supported me in my time with H2O.

In my new role, I have an exciting challenge ahead, Kinsale as you know is an exciting watersports venue and I am now developing some exciting new programs here for the centre.

We have just recently renovated some of the building and I am delighted to report that we have two fantastic "Marine Education" classrooms fully equipped to run a whole range of sea kayaking related courses.

Perhaps some of you might be interested in some of these courses.

September 9th & 10th - Intro to Sea Kayaking Course.

September 16th, 17th & 30th & Oct 1st - Level 3 Sea Kayak Instructor Course.

September 27th - Level 4 Sea Kayak Skills Assessment.

October 21st & 22nd - VHF Operators Course and Assessment.

November 13-17 ISKGA Incident Management and Sea Survival Course.

We'd love to welcome ISKA folk to the Centre and hope that you will support us as we grow our range of courses here. If you have a group looking for a specific course or assessment, just let me know. You can also reach us on our Facebook page "Kinsale Outdoors" or phone me on 021 4772896.

I'll see you all at the Symposium anyway, looking forward to it.

Jon Hynes

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Re: Sea Kayaking Courses at Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre

Post by SteveGrimmer » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:21 pm

Congrats on the new job Jon, and best wishes to Sandra running H2O!

Cheers, Steve

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Re: Sea Kayaking Courses at Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre

Post by Chancer » Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:29 pm

Good luck with the new job and the centre Jon. Having completed the 5 day ISKGA IM Course with Jon I can highly recommend this course. I learned more on this course than any other sea kayaking course I have done over many years.

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